About Gang of Ducks

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It all goes back thousands of years, where ducks were the most fearsome hybrid animals on earth. But with the arrival of humans, they have been forced to sacrifice themselves to serve as food for this miserable race.

Captain Ducks along with 5,000 his colleagues are forming a gang of ducks to end the human empire and regain their place in the food chain.

Right now our most fearsome gang members are reaching the main cities of the world and preparing a synchronized attack to take control.


Our gang members have arrived in the city and their first mission is to raid clothing stores, to camouflage themselves among humans. Each duck has chosen random costumes (Jewelry, clothing, accessories).

To get a Gang of Ducks NFT you must mint it at a price of 1 SOL each, there are very few fashionable dressed ducks, so they will be a bit more exclusive.

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Raffle of 10 Gang of Ducks and 50 SOL for our holders.


Raffle of 5 RARE Gang of Ducks - 75 SOL for our holders.


Donate of $5,000 to a free art school for low-income youth, raffle of 10 Gang of Ducks - 20 SOL for our holders.


Donation of $5,000 to the social reintegration center, Raffle of 10 RARE Gang of Ducks - 75 SOL for our holders.


Donation of $7,000 to ORG for children with cancer, MEGA Raffle of 10 HYPER RARE Gang of Ducks - 100 SOL.



Artist and passionate about NFT


Blockchain/Software Development


Community Manager
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Aliss Brown

Community Manager
Discord - Marketing


What is the Gang of Ducks?

Gang of Ducks is an underground gang of 5,000 Ducks who live on the SOLANA Blockchain.

How can I buy?

Once minting is available, use the 'MINT DUCKS' button, then press the 'Connect Wallet' button to connect your SOLANA wallet and authorize the transaction. After the initial sale is over, you can continue trading on MagicEden or Solana Art.

How much does a GoD's cost?

Gang of Ducks don’t do bonding curves—every GoD's can be minted at 1 SOL (plus gas).

How many GoD's can I buy?

Minting will be limited to 20 GoD's per transaction.

When can I start buying?


What do I get with my GoDs?

Your ducks automatically grant you access to our gang, where you can participate in exclusive events like giveaways, games and much more.